Hi, I’m Kent Shepherd, a professional woodworker from Lubbock, Texas, USA. Since I grew up working in my dad’s shutter shop, I have had a passion for working with wood. I have been manufacturing raised panel cabinet doors since leaving the shutter shop in 1986. My son now runs my door shop. While most of my almost 40 years experience has been in a production setting, I have also loved building my own furniture, as well as doing quite a bit of remodeling and building our home in 1981. I now own a woodworking tool store with my son-in-law where I have the priveledge of helping others in their quest for excellence in the art of woodworking. I love both hand tools and power tools, and feel that the two can certainly coexist, and do it rather well. I firmly believe in the right tool for the job, whatever it happens to be.

So, join me in my journey as we explore together the wonderful , fascinating, and yes sometimes—well maybe almost always—- frustrating world of woodworking

Until next time