The Torque Work Centre is a new multifunction machine manufactured in Austrailia. The machine itself is kinda like a “manual CNC machine”. You can mount your own router, drill, or circular saw to do an endless array of tasks. I sat down the other evening and began to list just some of the possibilities with the Torque. I very quickly filled a legal pad, and then decided it was bed time. My brain was gettin close to overload.

 It will easily become a pin router, a dado machine, mortising machine, a copy router–will even copy three dimensional carvings from a pattern. Sign making is a breeze on the Torque. Routing fluted columns used to be a real pain, but on this machine the set up and ease of use is incredible. Surfacing a slab has never been simplier.

Then you may switch tools to create an awesome drill press. Try drilling the middle of a 36″ piece with a conventional drill press. Or remove a support arm and drill in the middle of an 72″ piece (Like you would ever need to—but hey, you never know) Setting up for angled holes is also a snap. Loosen a bolt, use the built in gauge to set the desired angle and drill away. Drill or route in an arc. With a simple changeover, arches are very easy to do.

Mount almost any brand circular saw and create your own table saw or radial arm saw. Do angles too!

So you see, the machine is extemely versatile. You are only limited by your imagination. Soon I will share videos of my own journey using the Torque Work Centre. In the meantime, Check out these links to see what others are doing with the Torque. Until now, all the demos have been done in Austrailia. This is the first machine in the US, and I’m lucky enough to have it.

 Here are some demos to get you interested.

Check you later