Within the last year I have become almost obsessed with organizing my home workshop. I have found over the years that I am so much more effient when I can find tools or supplies as I need them. I guess that should come as no surprise to anyone who ever tries to accomplish a task. But to me it becomes more of a mind set. You can have a place for everything, but what does it accomplish if you don’t make the effort to keep it there. There is a great deal of personal discipline involved in actually making the concept of organization work. I have not always been that great in the past, even though I usually really wanted to. In order to help the process, I have worked very hard to build appropriate racks for many of my tools. I’d like to share some of them with you.

I realize this is overkill for a woodworking shop. Is it important to have shop fixtures this nice? It is to me. I find when I surround myself with a fantastic working environment, it totally changes the way I think about my work. I’m in a more organized frame of mind, which carries over into my woodworking. It seems as though all the work I do is cleaner, whether it is the fit of my joints, the amount of glue squeeze out, or the amount of time I spend on fine sanding.

All this said, there are certainly limits on how much all this actually helps production. If you were to spend all your time organizing, you might very well never do a lick of work. Then the time in the shop becomes “piddling”. I certainly want to accomplish something other than just having a shop as a showplace. That’s why I typically try to do a few “shop items” between other projects. All of the above pictures were racks I built after completing a bed for my grandaughter. Now I need to do several projects for the house. In fact—what am I doing here? I have work to do.!!!!!!