As promised, here is the information on fluting columns with the Torque Work Centre using my new clamping table. As I was trying to route the workpiece, I quickly discovered simply clamping the ends was not going to work. The force of the router pulled the piece over to the side every time. I decided to try clamping the sides also. It worked to have a fence on one side, which is designed to use the T-track shown in the last blog. This aso helps in loading multiple pieces so you don’t need to measure every piece. Note: On the clamping table, I drew a line 10″ from the fence. This is the center line for the workpiece. Measure and mark the center of the piece and line it up with the mark as shown. Clamp the ends with the hold down clamps. These came from Rockler. You could also make your own version. These are some I designed for another application.

Place the fence on the inside of piece, again using the T-track.

Then the cam clamps I made complete the system. If it is not secured every direction, the router will grab the piece and shift it —Trust me! I saw Stu’s vaccum clamps on his Torque, which is also an excellent method to accomplish the same thing. The biggest advantage to mine is the price.

Here are more shot’s of the cam clamps. I created a bushing from a dowel. It is slightly longer than the thickness of the clamp. When you tighten it in the T-track, the clamp is free to pivot. This is a quick way to clamp side to side. Of course there are other ways to do this. This just happens to be what I came up with with the materials I had on hand. What I did learn very quickly about clamping on the Torque is that you can’t have anything sticking out either above or below the table . It will hit something as you move the router through the cut. Clamps, whatever you chose must be low profile.

For help in the layout, I added a self adhesive tape to the track. This 10″ mark is lined up exactly with the mark I showed you earlier on the table. This is the location of the center flute. If you then want 1 1/2″ spacing, simply move the router to 9 1/2″ and 11 1/2″ for the other 2 flutes and lock into place on the track. Doing multiple pieces are now simple since  you have the fence in place. I didn’t show this, but I would also clamp a stop block in the T-track to load the workpiece  against.

I hope all this helps you. These principals will also work on mutiple applications other than the Torque Work Centre. Use your imagination to apply this to your own clamping needs.