It’s not often I am blown away by a new power tool (Well, except for Festool ) but from the moment I opened my new Makita  1 1/4 hp router kit I knew I was in love.  Sorry lovely wife–just a figure of speech! I have had a couple of the Bosch Colt routers and for the most part, liked them, although I did struggle with the cheesy height adjustment. I have been a big Bosch fan for years, but move over Bosch, Makita’s got you beat on this one. As soon as I picked up the router with the fixed base from the case I immediately felt the difference. The router is definitely heavier than the Bosch.  Then I really got excited when I noticed the rack and pinion height adjustment. It actually works! Smoothly–Effortlessly!

2015-04-22 11.59.19

The kit comes with multiple bases including the standard fixed base, plunge base, tilt base, and offset base. All the accessories you will ever need are also included. The offset base is great for laminate work when you need to rout closer than any standard base allows.

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The tilt base is useful for angled grooves or chamfers using a straight bit, thus having the ability to chamfer at any angle.

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I have mixed feeling about the fabric case, While it contains and organizes all the pieces well, I find it awkward to carry with long straps. I wish it had a simple handle, but with all the other great features of this kit, that is a pretty minor issue.

2015-04-22 11.03.13 2015-04-22 11.41.06 2015-04-22 11.48.44

The sky is the limit using this tool. With the adapter you can use standard template guides. Supplied with the kit is also an edge guide for use on both the fixed and plunge bases, and a bearing guide for curved work.

I typically have sold the Bosch Colt but a customer had me special order this kit for him. I thought it looked promising so I ordered one for stock for the store. I had it for a couple of days before I succumbed to temptation and bought it for myself. Obviously I can get more!