I thought I would start offering quick woodworking tips, and try to do them more often. Running Shepherd Tool & Supply by myself can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but I really want to share some of my experience on a larger scale.
I was doing a glue-up the other day and became frustrated trying to protect the already sanded legs on a table base. The long side is about 60″, so I had trouble reaching both ends to keeps my scraps in place for pads. I managed to get it done but it wasn’t until I was unclamping the next day before it hit me. I had seen someone a while back using magnets in their pads to hold them in place. I cut up some small pads from leftover lumber in my shop and in minutes I came up with these.
So simple, yet so effective! I only wish I had thought of this idea originally. I would love to give credit, but I have no clue who came up with this. The build was so easy and the cost of the magnets is not much considering how much they help. I used magnets I had from something else but they are readily available online and even locally.  Drill a shallow hole the depth of the magnet using bit just under the diameter of the magnet. I used a mallet to pound the magnet in the hole, but you could also use epoxy. Just drill your holes a bit deeper. Experiment with sizes to find what is right for you. My first ones were 1/4″ x 1/10 thick  They were OK but the 1/2″ x 1/4″ were much stronger. I just ordered some that are 3/8″ diameter so I am anxious to see how they work.