2016-08-10 08.15.55Accurate, clean marks are critical to any fine woodworking project. For years my marking tool arsenal consisted of a tape measure and a pencil, sometimes sharp (maybe). To mark the center of a board edge was hit or miss–mostly miss! As my quality progressed, so did my need for accurate ways to mark. How can you cut it or drill it right if you don’t start with a proper starting point. For the last few years I have been on the look-out for anything that would help achieve that. Not too long ago, Rockler came out with the Center/Offset Marking Tool. Since it looked promising, I brought some into the store to try.

2016-08-10 08.15.45


And yes, I realize you can certainly make your own version, but for about $10.00, why would you want to. To maintain accuracy, how long would it take to do this? To work right, all your measurements would need to be perfect. I hate to think how much time I would spend.

2016-08-10 08.15.38

Quickly create a center line for drilling, mortises or any time you need dead center. Simply straddle the work piece between the integrated dowels, inset a sharp pencil and mark away.

2016-08-10 08.17.22

Notice the offsets on each side. Often I need to mark a certain distance from the edge or face of a board. Built in to this jig is the offsets, from 1/16″ to 1/2″ in 1/16″ increments. Place the pencil in the proper spot and slide the jig along the edge of your work.

2016-08-10 08.17.52

And finally, they have added a magnet to attach to any metal surface. I keep mine handy on the side of a tool box. Even holds the pencil for you!


Thanks for looking.