2016-08-30 08.11.18Often it is much quicker and easier to grab a hand plane to do a simple job rather than get a power tool, set it up and do the same job. (It also makes listening to Blues on the stereo more enjoyable!) I frequently use my radius plane and chamfer plane in situations like this. Does a great job with ease. This tool creates about an 1/8″ radius.

2016-08-30 08.13.34

Knocks the edge off in hurry. Similar tools available from Rockler, as well as several other online companies. Woodcraft offers some different style that accomplish the same result. Or check out Shepherd Tool & Supply in Lubbock, Texas. Both styles use 2 blades that are easily adjusted with an Allen wrench supplied with the tool.2016-08-30 08.13.49

Give it a try. “Unplugged” is often better. I find it very rewarding to see the cute little curls coming off my work piece.