I have owned a Jet Dust collector for some time now, and have always hated emptying the bag. Recently, one of my customers offered to swap this cyclone from a school wood shop for a product in my store. It was perfect for my needs so I jumped on the opportunity. Having several pieces for the duct work already, I did not have to buy much to get it set up and going, The worst part was finding the time! Using 5″ flex hose I rerouted the air flow to go through the cyclone. The  bag only gets what little goes through the filter on the dust collector.


Now, instead of dreading the battle with the bag, it takes only a couple of minutes to empty the trash can. I own 8 1/2 acres so I just spread the shavings in my field. It helps the weeds to grow!


I got really lucky finding this, but there are after market cyclones available from Woodcraft and other sources. The size of this one was perfect for my shop and system. Years ago I found some larger cyclones from a cotton gin that closed that were used at my door shop. In fact, the fan also came from a gin. Great way to build a system if you live where cotton is prevalent like I do. I built that system about thirty years ago and it is still going strong. We dump that system into a couple of custom made trailers we have. Most of those shavings go to horse barns for bedding in stalls.

Thanks for looking!